Even with a new single on the radio airwaves, Jennifer Lopez is taking her sweet time to release her album.

The pop diva told Graham Norton that her album, which is still not done yet, will "probably be out in November." We hypothesize that "probably November" means closer to December or January, so don't hold your breath, J. Lo fans!

Lopez also talked about working with her boo Casper Smart, who choreographed her video for 'Live It Up.' Norton asked if it was weird to take direction from her dancer boyfriend telling the host, "We kind of collaborate on it." She explained that Casper and the other dancers will present her with something and she'll make changes. When Norton asks her, "Do you do exactly what you want?" J. Lo reluctantly answers, "Yeah, a lot of the time." She's a true diva!

The 'Live It Up' songstress also spoke a bit about raising her twins, Max and Emme, and the the difference between their personalities even at the young age of 5 years old. J. Lo said the two already show the stark contrast between men and women explaining, "I realize that men really do think differently than women from the on set." She continued saying that even when the twins were learning to walk, her son would bomb down the stairs and think later, while her daughter would carefully prod the stairs for a couple weeks before deciding she could make it down. J. Lo summed it up best, "Women think or tend to over-think. And men do not think." Her words, not ours!