Dunkin is getting on board with the Matcha health craze. New Matcha Lattes are debuting this week and here's why you may want to try one.

When I think of Matcha, I think Matcha green tea and that is basically what it is.

Matcha is a finely powdered green tea that gives you the benefits of green tea in a very concentrated form.

And Dunkin is going to start using it in their new Matcha Lattes that will be available hot, iced or frozen.

The sweetened Matcha green tea will be blended with your choice of milk giving you a healthier afternoon pick me up. And it will be quite the pick me up, since the concentrated Matcha powder has more caffeine than brewed green tea.

Luckily it also has theanine, which is a stress-reducing amino acid. So you'll get the energy boost of caffeine without any of the jitters.

Plus Matcha green tea has been found to contain an antioxidant that can mildly prevent cancer and other diseases as well as aid in weight loss.

Sounds like a lot of benefits to this tasty beverage.

And you can start enjoying the benefits of Matcha on your daily Dunkin run starting this Wednesday (though many likely have the new drinks on hand already).

And if you love the idea of a Matcha Latte you are in luck. From the sound of the Dunkin press release these drinks are going to be around for awhile.

Personally I hope they at least stay on the menu through the summer, because they sound like a great way to refresh and relax on a busy day.

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