Before you stress, it's the same business, just a different name.

Credit To: on Instagram
Credit To: on Instagram

Let me ask you this: are you more likely to say "I'm heading over to Dunkin' Donuts," or "I'm heading over to Dunkin'?" Chances are, most of you went with the second statement, and that's why Dunkin' Donuts is simplifying its company name by dropping the Donuts.

According to, the official change will not take effect until January of 2019.

Good news, though--just because they are dropping the word donuts from the name doesn't mean they are actually dropping donuts from the menu. Unless it's a limited edition, your favorite flavor of donut will continue to be freshly baked every morning, available for you upon arrival (or while supplies last).

After all, America runs on Dunkin', not Dunkin' Donuts. See what I did there?

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