As we wrap up another week and head into Memorial Day weekend, I always enjoying shining a spotlight onto the feel good stories that present themselves here on the SouthCoast.

While scrolling through Facebook on our Vineyard vacation, we came across an adorable post from the Whitman Police Department in Plymouth County.

Not all heroes wear capes, but some eat donuts

At least, that's according to 6-year-old, Casey Vasvatekis.

On Wednesday May 22, the Whitman police department took to social media to post a heart warming masterpiece.

He Knew the Assignment

Vasvatekis was given a simple assignment, to draw a picture of what he wants to be when he grows up.  Vasvatekis' response was admirable.  His reason was both innocent, but comical.

Kudos to the Whitman Police department for acknowledging a potential future cadet.

Sometimes you just know you have an exceptionally gifted child. Like 6 year old Casey Vasvatekis for instance.  Check out this masterpiece Casey crafted with nothing but his imagination, exceptional good taste in professions, and a good ol’ box of Crayola Crayons!  We’re saving a spot for Casey in the 2039 Plymouth Police Academy!  Nice job Casey! 👍🏼 🍩 🚔 --Whitman Police Department

Let's be honest, who's going to turn down a donut whether you are a police officer, a firefighter or a pediatrician.  Young Vasvatekis took the opportunity to combine the two things he admires most in life:  the hard work of our first responders and the enticement of a decadent donut.


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