If you have friends who are members at a Crossfit gym, you'll hear them talking a lot about the Crossfit Opens for the next five weeks. 

CF 9

This weekend, Crossfit members all around the globe...from Crossfit Dartmouth to Crossfit San Diego...to Crossfit Louvre in Paris...every single Crossfit gym in existence (more than 14,500) featured the first "open workout" of the 2018 season. Each athlete performed that same "WOD", or workout of the day. The athletes' scores will be entered into an online database that keeps track of every single Crossfit Athlete around the world. This allows each athlete to monitor progress against his/herself and against other people his/her age. The Crossfit games even go as far as ranking individual athletes who are teachers against fellow teachers...fellow nurses against fellow nurses, etc.  It is one of the fastest growing sports in America, according to Forbes.

Sadly (or luckily) there is no category to rank morning radio DJ's against fellow morning radio DJ's (there's one in Boston...a friend of mine...that would kick my butt in Crossfit). I did, however, compete in the Crossfit Opens this past week. Crossfit 18.1 (18 for the year 2018...1 for week 1) consisted of doing 8 "Toe To Bars", ten 50 pound dumbbell hang clean and jerks, and a 14 calorie row...then repeat as often as possible for 20 minutes.

Opens workout 18.2 will be announced on Thursday night, and athletes around the world will all try their hand at it on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

The Opens will wrap up after five weeks...and will get narrowed down to Regionals (which will take place in May), then the Crossfit Games (which will happen in Wisconsin in August).  The goal is to determine the fittest athletes in the world.



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