Love Awful, Awfuls from Newport Creamery? Then today is your day!

Awful, Awful Mondays have returned...and that means the buy one get one free Awful, Awful season is underway.

What's better in the summer than a creamy, delicious Awful, Awful...a Rhode Island classic for sure.

And they make it even better on Mondays when at every Newport Creamery location you can buy one and get one for free.

So bring a friend, or just indulge in two Awful, Awfuls for yourself...why not!

Locally, the closest Newport Creamery is on President Ave in Fall River, but there are plenty of other locations in Middletown, Newport, Barrington, Seekonk, etc, etc...meaning plenty of places to get yourself an Awful, Awful.

And sure, Mother Nature didn't give us the best Awful, Awful Monday kickoff weather but these tasty treats are delicious any day, any weather.

So grab a friend and head to your closest Newport Creamery for Awful, Awful Mondays!