If there is one thing the SouthCoast is good at, it's food and drinks.

My introduction to the area consisted of Michael and Gazelle bringing me to all of their favorite restaurants, and I certainly did not complain. With that introduction three years ago, I quickly realized that many local restaurants have reached an iconic status where specific menu items have a cult-like following.

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Last week, while trying out new menu items at Fall River's Newport Creamery, I applauded the local chain for its iconic Awful Awful because you know you have a successful spot when its reputation precedes itself.

Maybe you haven't enjoyed lunch at Newport Creamery, but you have certainly heard of the Awful Awful.

That iconic drink got me thinking about other notorious menu items that I have come across on the SouthCoast. The Chippi from Mirasol's Café came to mind. There is nowhere on earth where you can find a Chippi besides the SouthCoast, and that's pretty cool, especially when it has a loyal fan base that resulted in Mirasol's opening new locations to keep up with demand.

Newport Creamery has the Awful Awful. Mirasol's has The Chippi. What other local restaurants have an iconic menu item?

We asked the SouthCoast, and the SouthCoast delivered, proving that the SouthCoast is home to originality and loyalty to local businesses.

Keep scrolling to see which menu items made the top ten for "most iconic" on the SouthCoast.

Did we miss any?

10 Iconic Menu Items That Belong to the SouthCoast

Newport Creamery has the Awful Awful. Mirasol's has the CHiPPi. What else is there? THe SouthCoast chimed in, and these are some iconic menu items that can only be found at SouthCoast staples. From the looks of it, the SouthCoast really likes beverages.

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*UPDATE: This post was revised in April of 2023.

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