The night's have been hot lately, but no matter how warm it gets there is one thing I need to get some sleep. Is it just me?

This summer has been a hot one. But not once has the heat kept me from putting a blanket on to go to sleep.

I never really thought about it until this past week though. When I mentioned to my daughter that it was going to get chilly at night next week and we should put her blanket back on her bed.

She then told me she didn't want a blanket and asked if she could just wear warmer pajamas instead.

Oddly my first thought was "why doesn't this kid like blankets?" I love cuddling under a blanket. I can't actually sleep without a blanket.

Is it just me?

There is just something about pulling covers up over my shoulders and snuggling in that helps me relax and get some sleep. No blanket just feels weird and wrong.

Of course in the summer the blanket is lighter, like basically a thin sheet, but it's still there. I still snuggle under it.

And in the fall it's even better.

I love when the air around me is cold, but I'm nice and warm under a blanket. Bundling in warmer pajamas just isn't the same.

Now don't get me wrong, my daughter can sleep any way she wants. (I'm just thrilled when she falls asleep) But I can't help but wonder if more people sleep like her or like me.

Do you need covers to get a good night's sleep? Or does it just not matter.

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