Like many people, I am never without my phone. Even when I’m asleep, my phone is an arm’s length away on my nightstand. No, I’m not texting in my sleep, I just use it as an alarm clock.

After hearing that sleeping near your phone could create health concerns, it has me wondering if I should invest in a traditional alarm clock, and while I’m sleeping, let my phone sleep, too.

This morning on Michael and Maddie, Michael brought up cell phones and how the majority of us use our phones for our wake-up call, but he’s considering switching up his morning routine and opting for a traditional alarm clock due to health concerns that he keeps hearing about. He was surprised to hear that I just had this conversation with a friend a few days ago. I guess when you work every day together, you start thinking alike.

However, I still have my doubts that this phenomenon is true. How can a device penetrate your body, disturb your brain, and create health concerns? It’s just a cell phone, right?

“I guess it disturbs your mojo,” Michael claimed.

While I enjoy Michael’s take on the matter, I needed some more facts, and here’s how CBS News puts it:

“Cell phones pump out electromagnetic radiation whenever they’re on- which means sleeping with one nearby boosts your exposure all night long.”

CBS recommends putting your device on airplane mode or turning it off while you sleep. That solves the health concerns but doesn’t solve my alarm issue.

Do I continue to use my phone as an alarm, or should I check out online stores for an old-school alarm clock?

Time is ticking, what should I do?

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