Everywhere, there are Red Sox fans who say they are fans, but when it comes to buckling down game after game in the postseason, they're not really there for the team, in my opinion. They'll go to bed early, then wake up the next day and look at their phones, or check online real quick, just so they have the info when the real fans confront them. That doesn't count.

It happens everytime the Red Sox make the playoffs. Would-be fans who have the jerseys and the hats are excited that the "Bearded Ones" could potentially be World Series Champions, but they forget that it takes an awful lot of time and dedication of watching to really be a part of something historical.

Even if I leave for a second watching the Red Sox, it bothers me. Did I really need to get that snack, or take care of business? It bothers me more when people like Michael Rock tell me that they had to go to bed, just because they had work the next day. That, to me, is an easy excuse. The Red Sox are in the World Series and haven't been here since 2007. So, for 6 years you had the opportunity to go to work on-time. This is something special.

If it's anything like what has happened the last two times the Red Sox made World Series appearances, you really only have to put in 4 games. They're only three wins away from another sweep. Hey, if I happen to show up a tad late, and by a tad I mean an hour and a half, it's worth it.

I know some of you reading this are saying, "Larry. It's just a game." On the contrary, it's a group of games for the World Championship of Baseball! Suck it up and stay up to support our Red Sox! Last place or first place, they're home team. Go Red Sox!