Today is a local holiday of sorts.  A sure sign of spring.  Today is Opening Day at Fenway.

It's a special day because of the anticipation.  When I was growing up back in the 80's, the Red Sox, with the exception of 1986, were a struggle bus.  But on Opening Day there was always hope.  There was always the chance that this could be the year.

The best was when the Sox would win on Opening Day.  Jokes about the team having a 162-0 undefeated season were always told.

Hopes are high for baseball fans on Opening Day.  Opening Day is a rebirth.

That's why it was so surprising to see tickets available for today's Opening Day at Fenway.  The Red Sox will host the Baltimore Orioles.  I'm sure it's happened before, but I honestly can't remember ever seeing Opening Day tickets readily available for purchase on the day of the game, but that's exactly the case today.

If you can get the day off today, you can buy tickets to the game right on  Right field grandstand seats were available this morning for as low at $67.  Unheard of.

It's a sign not only of the declining popularity of what was once America's favorite pastime, but also a dose of reality for Red Sox ownership who may feel that they can still field a mediocre team and have Boston's rabid fans just line up like sheep.

Baseball is make efforts to curb the dip in interest by some rule changes to the game, most notably the pitch clock.  So far, Spring Training games have shaved about 30 minutes off the length of the games.

Fans will notice new LED lights at Fenway Park this season.  The clubhouses also received upgrades and renovations.


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