I had seen a link recently posted on Facebook about bi-modal sleep, which is the art of sleeping in two shifts. Apparently, until about 150 years ago, humans did not sleep in one eight hour block.

According to University of Virginia professor, Roger Ekirch, people slept twice per night. The custom was to go to sleep for approximately 3-4 hours, wake for 2-3 and then fall back to sleep for an additional 3-4 hours. Literature such as the Canterbury Tales reveals and refers to "first sleep" and "second sleep".

So what did people do in between sleeps? Eat, pray and make love. Also, writers would find their creative peaks between sleeps. People began the practice of consolidated sleep once electricity was invented and street lights allowed people to venture out in the evening without the fear of what lurked int he darkness.

If you're having trouble sleeping, there are plenty of sleep aids available to us to encourage the 8 hour shift of sleep. Start with a comfortable mattress and move to slowing your mind with meditation.

RelaxingMusic, Flickr

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