Yesterday was Halloween and we were expecting some crazy rain all day. Luckily, the bad weather seemed to have held off until late last night so that the kiddos could get out for some trick-or-treating early on. A few places were kind enough to host public trick-or-treating indoors just in case the weather did not cooperate with the holiday festivities.

I had to return something at Old Navy anyway, so I decided to stop by the Dartmouth Mall to check out the event and take a few photos while I was there. I cannot tell you how crazy it was seeing so many families participate in the fun. Some folks really got into it with an entire theme for everyone.

One of my personal favorites was an out of this world look that one family nailed. Mom was dressed as an astronaut, dad was getting kidnapped by an alien, and the little guy was an actual solar system. Thought was put into that costume and I appreciate it. Next up was the group of siblings from Agrabah. Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu all made an appearance in Dartmouth last night.

Jake from State Farm and Flo from Progressive were both there to represent their respective companies. Good PR, I think.

My inner seven-year-old loved seeing Zenon and Protozoa. He was actually worried that no one would know who he was, and I assured him that he made my night with his costume.

And let's give it up for the Average Joe's because these costumes are better than average.

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