Customers in Beijing are getting a little too comfy inside IKEA stores. IKEA is banning their customers from sleeping on their bed and furniture displays.

Ikea is a huge store that offers customers anything they could ever need when it comes to makeovers and fun DIY projects. However, some customers are getting a little too cozy during the shopping trips.

Many of IKEA shoppers have taken it upon themselves to take their afternoon nap right on the stores bed and furniture displays. It started to become a problem for the brand and IKEA officially placed a ban on sleeping in the store yesterday.

The sleeping craze, what is being called the "napedmic" was going on for some time. The stores originally decided to turn a blind eye to the phenomenon. IKEA didn't really see it as a problem. In fact a spokesperson, Josefin Thorell, said, We’re happy people feel at home in our stores.”


IKEA/ Getty Images

Now Ikea isn't all that happy with their customers level of comfort. Shoppers were occupying all the beds and furniture during a typical day. Workers of IKEA find themselves cleaning left over snack packages in their kitchen displays and changing bed linens for the frequent nappers. Employees started to feel more like housekeepers in addition to their original job description.

According to Yahoo, spokesperson Thorell had a change of heart. Thorell addressed the sleepy shoppers issue with this quote:

"We create room sets and display our furniture in a way that encourages people to try them out,” “It is important that all customers get this chance and, therefore, we sometimes need to intervene in order to enable all visitors to test, try and feel the products"

Although the ban is in full effect, some shoppers might be sleeping on the memo. Napping is still being reported in some stores in China.