It was no April fools joke when Ikea made their Buy Back & Resell program permanent in stores across the U.S. last week. Customers with Ikea products they no longer wish to own can now sell them back to the company for store credit, while other shoppers can save big on previously owned products.

After a successful test run at several locations last fall, Ikea has made this return program permanent at 37 U.S. locations and Stoughton, MA is one of them. In fact, the Massachusetts Ikea will be the only one in New England buying back products, since New Haven, CT did not make the list.

So if you have some gently used Ikea furniture that is no longer your style, you can sell it back to the store and then shop for something you do want.

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The Buy Back & Resell Program doesn't apply to all Ikea products however. Basically anything with fabric is not on the list. Couches, mattresses, armchairs and plants are not returnable. Neither are bed frames, children or baby products, electrical items or lighting.

You can however bring back coffee tables, bookcases, dining tables, stools without fabric, desks and chairs, multimedia furniture, office cabinets and small/end tables. Everything you bring back must be fully assembled.

The best news might be that you don't actually have to lug your old furniture to the store only to be told they won't take it. The entire process of getting a return approved and finding out how much the store will give you for it is 100% online. Photos of your item are uploaded, the store evaluates the condition and credit is offered (or not) from there.

This new program seems like a win all around. Those returning can get up to 50% of the items original price as store credit for new items, those buying returned products get to buy Ikea furniture fully assembled (huge plus!) and with less products being made, the store's environmental impact is lessened.

The Buy Back & Resell Program was created as part of Ikea's green initiatives. The company says locations around the world already have EV charging stations, rooftop solar panels, wind farms, biogas fuel cells and even one location with a solar car park. Ikea is always looking for new ways to reduce their climate footprint and this new return program is their latest step.

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