I realize that some of you may be sick and tired of hearing about Tom Brady these days. Well, some of us cannot get enough Tom Brady and I happen to be one of those people.

So when I heard a rumor that several structural items were being removed from Tom and Gisele's Commonwealth Ave Boston apartment (which they haven't used in years, by the way), my eyes and ears opened up wide. It can't be confirmed, but a friend of a friend's cousin's sister's brother-in-law's friend that I happen to know very well told me that several outside home furnishing items were auctioned off and also donated to various local charities and eateries in and around Boston and the state of Massachusetts.

Oh, and when I say "structural items," I'm talking about stuff like outdoor rooftop furniture, lighting fixtures, and lots of planters. And guess who is getting those planters and will be using them at their event center?

You guessed it, New Bedford's own Kilburn Mill Events Center. Pretty cool, right?

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