When I moved into my new place, my mom took this as an opportunity to clean out her house and get rid of anything she didn’t want. She generously dropped all of it off in my new, empty basement. The gesture was good-hearted, but now I have a basement full of furniture that I will simply not use. I could furnish a good-sized apartment with everything I have down there.

For the past year, this furniture has been collecting dust, going unused, and some of the furniture is brand new. I want to get rid of it all, but I’m afraid to sell stuff online, and I don’t know where to go from here.

I confided in Michael and Gazelle about my fear and I confessed that I never sold a single item online. Apparently, I am the minority because they said I was crazy.

When it comes to selling furniture, Michael claims “it’s the biggest rush you’ll ever have.” He gets extreme satisfaction when people “actually buy” his stuff.

Trust me, I would love for someone to buy all of it. I just don’t know where to start. There are so many apps to choose from, how am I supposed to know which one is the best? Not to mention, I am so out of touch with this world that I don’t even know how to go about doing it. Do people still use eBay? Craigslist? Maybe I’ll just take Gazelle’s route and go live on Facebook.

Then you throw the issue of the pandemic into the mix. How am I supposed to get this furniture to the buying customer safely and fully sanitized?

The weight of this furniture in my basement is holding me down. What should I do?

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