I hate to say it but has Iggy Azalea been a one-hit-wonder? She had that one massive hit with Charlie XCX, "Fancy." She released a few more tracks after that and was featured on a few songs, but none went to No. 1 like "Fancy" did.

Their is no denying that Iggy has talent. She can write one amazing song and has some incredible beats. She just hasn't had the best luck when it comes to releasing a smash.

In her latest song, she features British singer Alice Chater.

The song is definitely catchy and fun. In case you missed hearing it on the radio, here is the video for "Lola," which is trending Top 20 on YouTube right now:

Kind of a creepy video but the two girls go together pretty well. The outfits in this music video are pretty awesome. The video just dropped and is definitely getting attention across the globe.

Do you think Iggy has no chance? Especially with Lizzo running the female rap game right now? I know there is room for two but is this song strong enough to withstand all the hits Lizzo keeps dropping?

Iggy is a hard worker, puts on a great show, and is always aesthetically appealing. In my opinion, this song may not be the hit that sets her up for a comeback. I could be wrong, though.

Is this new Iggy a total smash? Vote now: is "Lola" wicked good or are you with me, and this is whack?

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