I'd rather shop at a retail store for clothes than online for the simple reason of "trying before buying."

The other day I was in need of a t-shirt and decided to stop into the Fairhaven Marshalls in hopes of finding one. It's a task that never comes easy for a big guy like myself.

As if I struck gold, I entered the changing room with eight shirts, just two shy of the limit.

Overwhelmed and overconfident, I began undressing and removing the shirts from the hangers, unaware of the instant disappointment that lied firmly in my hands.

One by one, I began modeling in front of the mirror, each shirt equipped with wishful thinking.

"Oh, come on..." I began muttering.

Every shirt I tried on was lopsided and uneven due to the damn security tag. I mean, come on now.

There should be no reason at all that the tag should be at the neck or collar of the shirt. Why wouldn't the manufacturers place it towards the bottom, where there's zero error for discomfort or false judgment on how the shirt actually fits.

Listen, I don't ask for much, I'm just trying to justify the fact that a security tag placed at the collar of a shirt is only bound to cause an inconvenience for the shopper.

Long story short, I ended up leaving with only one of the eight shirts I originally tried on, only to be disappointed with how the shirt fit on the frame.


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