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Breakups are never easy, even if you are the one initiating it.

I had to end a relationship recently, but don't worry, it has nothing to do with my fiancé. I recently had to break up with my longtime hairdresser and it was a tough decision.

Before you say this is a "girl" problem, it definitely isn't. There are many men in my life who are extremely loyal to their barber, and the thought of ending that relationship and starting a new one is unheard of to them.

But it was time for me. Gazelle and Michael wanted the scoop on how the conversation went.

I basically told my hairdresser that it isn't her, it's me. I told her we were growing apart (like my split ends) and I was ready for something new. Luckily, she took the news well, but asked, "Was there something I could have done?" I told her I would leave her a great Yelp review explaining it all.

You put a lot of trust into someone who takes scissors to your head. In my case, I get my hair colored, and if it doesn't come out well, it could potentially be a hair fiasco. But I was ready to start with someone new on the SouthCoast and start a bond with new people and a new hair color.

After having gone through months and months of not being able to visit a hair salon earlier this year, and seeing all those home haircuts on social media, it reiterated to me that having someone you trust with your head is definitely essential. I am starting fresh with a new salon and I have the "first date" jitters, but everyone deserves to have their best head of hair. I'm excited for this new relationship.

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