Maybe I'm being overly dramatic but it's hard to find just the right barber. It's been just over a year since I have been back and I'm still not one hundred percent happy.

Maybe it's a lot to ask for. I have tried at least a half dozen different barbershops in the area and I'm just not finding the right fit. I can't be the only guy that struggles with finding the right barber that not only does my cut the way I like but also has some business standards.

Here is what I'm looking for: a barber that is just as picky as me when it comes to fading and blending my hair. That understands that sometimes it takes a few hair cuts to achieve what we both want and can explain the process. One that works on appointments because as much as I want him to respect my time I should respect his. I don't want to just be another fade.

Also, is it really a haircut from a barber if they don't use the warm shaving cream and straight razor around the neck? I do the neck clean-up at least once a week, so this is important.

I may be the only one but I'm not a fan of the cattle call-style where you sit and just wait for the next available barber. If I find my barber, that's the guy I want to see each week. Consistency.

One more thing, why loud music? I understand building a creative atmosphere and needing some music in the background but sometimes the music choice is just noise.

So I'm begging barbers across the SouthCoast, can we please step it up? Or have I just not found the right place and there is somewhere that I don't know about that I need to try? My hair has been struggling and having bad hair days every day does mess with my mood.

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