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I spend a lot of nights watching hair tutorials on Instagram. I'm addicted and determined to try every style I see. Pull-through braids? Check. Perfect beach waves? Check. Infinity braids? Doin' my best and almost have it figured out.

Of course, like most ladies with a LOT of hair, I give up a few minutes into it nearly every time. As it is, thick hair takes an hour or so to blowdry and making it presentable is equally as time-consuming. But I promised myself I'd try to do more than just messy buns this year and so far I've found some really easy hair hacks that keep the compliments rolling in.

Firstly, if you know me IRL, you've heard me preach about my Deep Wave heated hair tool thingy by Bed Head. This tool takes a whole lot of thick hair and very quickly turns it into perfect beach waves. One Amazon reviewer very accurately described it as witchcraft. Other's reference its ability to revert you back to an angsty '90s girl a la Fiona Apple. Some reviewers don't like that it holds the curl, which was kind of a weird complaint but okay. For what it costs, it is 1,000 percent worth it for anyone with hair they don't know what to do with for the next three days and only 20 minutes to figure something out. Grab yours here.

Bed Head for Amazon

Next, my new-but-old favorite is the Topsy Tail. Some of you may remember this from the late '80s (1988, to be precise) but may only remember that it did one, dumb thing – turn your ponytail inside out. Newsflash: it now turns your hair into amazing works of art in just minutes. The downside to this very fun tool is that it takes a very long time to undo if you have to cut elastics out. I know you are looking at it thinking, "I can do that without a dumb tool" but honestly, buy the dumb tool. It makes for a much sleeker look and honestly is much easier than trying to do it by hand. Go ahead, add it to your cart.

Esowemsn for Amazon

But be warned, if you go down the Topsy Tail rabbit hole, you'll quickly realize that no fancy hair-do is quite possible without a lot of tiny elastics. My preference is clear elastics so you can't see them in your hair. You also can't see them when you drop them on the floor so buying in bulk makes a lot of sense if you've got butterfingers. Grab a ton here.

Goody for Amazon

This third hair doodad goes against what I originally said about trying not to default to messy buns. But this doodad also helps to create the messy buns you want vs. the messy nest you end up with. By appearance, hair coils look like they would make your hair a giant knotted mess but in reality, they make the most perfect messy buns ever AND because of their design, never slip or loosen as the day goes on. More witchcraft. The hair stays put despite movement throughout the day. I've tried both fabric coils but much prefer the plastic/rubber coils. My preference is also for the neutral tones so my six-year-old doesn't mistake them for bracelets. Grab a box here.

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Shoutout to my daughter's classmate for noticing all my hard work, I appreciate it!

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