It's time to ask the tough questions: to dye or not to dye?

My hair has not looked the same in recent months and I think it's time to decide what to do next.

As a mother of two kids under four staring 40 in the face, the time has come to ask myself, "Are you going to grow old gracefully or do something about this?"

I really thought I might be the person who just went ahead and let their gray hair come in.

But now that that has really started happening, I'm not sure I really am ready for gray hair.

Sure, I've dyed my hair before. I had an entire blonde phase in my early twenties. But I haven't colored my hair in years.

So do I go back?

I have a friend who happened to go gray in her twenties and just went with it. She rocked her gray hair, it was pretty awesome.

But I don't think everyone can rock gray hair. And I'm not sure I can.

So what did you do? Did you head for the salon when you saw the gray hairs pop up? Are you embracing the signs of aging without any stylist help?

Dye or no dye? I'm still on the fence.

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