Many of us that are either working from home or are stuck at home while unemployed feel helpless. We want to do our part with this COVID-19 pandemic and just don't know how.

One way is donating blood.

Local hospitals and medical facilities can use the blood and the plasma big time right now for so many reasons. There was one story I heard of a gentleman that had recovered from the coronavirus that knew right away how he wanted to help: by donating blood or plasma. He went to do so and had to fill out the questionnaire. He was eventually denied as a donor due to his sexual orientation, even though his blood and antibodies would not only be helpful to another person but also possibly be helpful to those researching the virus to come up with treatment.

In recent weeks, the FDA has relaxed what they call "deferred: from a year to three months. Meaning that homosexual men would only have to be abstinent for months versus a year.

Currently, we have the technology to test blood and make sure it's safe before we use it. With the current pandemic, it would be in our best interest to loosen up the reigns a little more.

I understand that there are many factors when it comes to donating that need to be considered but I myself have wanted to donate blood for years and have been turned down at least a half dozen times due to my sexual orientation.

It seems a bit bizarre to think that I'm a human that can help another human and I am willing to but can't – especially in times like these.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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