Houston, we may have a problem. I think I have an online shopping addiction and I need to air it out.

I came home from work today and completed my normal routine of checking the mailbox before heading inside. I was surprised to see a package inside with my name on it.

“I don’t remember ordering anything,” I said to myself. “What could it be?”

I went inside, ripped it open, and unfolded a t-shirt that says, “I miss hugs and live music.”

One big red flag came to mind. I completely forgot I ordered it. If I am forgetting about orders, that might be a sign that I have orders coming in way too frequently.

In my defense, once I saw the t-shirt, I instantly remembered the reasons as to why I purchased it. The brand supports independent artists and the phrase on the t-shirt basically sums up my personality in written form. I remember saying, “I have to buy this,” when I saw it.

When my fiancé got home and saw the ripped package on the table, he shook his head and said, “Another one?”

I feel like one of the subconscious effects of last year was a growing desire for online shopping. With a click of a button and a quick sign-on, it’s almost too easy to buy things these days. But I have to admit, forgetting about an order instead of anxiously waiting for it day after day was a bit eye-opening.

Please refrain from sending me any product ads so I can work on self-control. In the meantime, I’m going to put my Amazon prime account on hold.

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