LeBron James is officially making Space Jam 2, and I hate everything about it.

I don't know who this guy thinks he is, but LeBron thinks he can recreate the magic that is Space Jam. There are SO many reasons why this movie shouldn't happen.

1) It's a Cult Classic.

Space Jam is the highest-grossing basketball movie of all time. That is not because it was a great movie, but because it became a cult classic. It has a huge following of hoop heads that love it. Whenever someone tries to add on to cult classics, it almost always fails. LeBron is probably a better actor than Jordan, but I don't care. You can't recreate a cult classic.

2) I hate LeBron James.

LeBron is the worst.

3) Do today's kids even know the Looney Tunes?

I highly doubt today's generation knows the hilarity that is duck season vs. wabbit season. And yes, I know I said wabbit and not rabbit. If you don't understand the reference, you don't deserve Space Jam 2.

4) LeBron is the worst.

I hate LeBron James

5) How can you even make a sequel?

The Looney Tunes won the game. It's in the record books. It's one of the greatest comebacks of all time. They won their freedom already. Even if for some reason the aliens from Moron Mountain returned, it's already been revealed that even humans can do crazy things in Looney Tune land. With that knowledge, it would just be a massacre of a game.

6) I hate LeBron James. He's the worst.

LeBron James is the worst and I hate him. Just felt the need to reiterate that.

7) If anything, someone should be trying to save LeBron James from getting posterized by Jayson Tatum again.

Just sayin'.



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