Today is a good day for Ice Cube. The rapper turned movie star is going to be honored with an award at the The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield.

Cube will receive the inaugural Ice Cube Impact Award, a groundbreaking collaboration with the rap star, film producer, actor, entrepreneur, and BIG3 basketball league co-founder.

The Ice Cube impact award is meant to acknowledge people who have made a positive impact on the game of basketball to make the world a better place. "It's been amazing here in Springfield, so we're gonna cap it off today," Ice Cube told Michael and Maddie.

Listen:  Ice Cube with Michael and Maddie

Cube told us why he loves the game of basketball so much. "It doesn't take a lot to practice or find a game. You can find a rim pretty much in any neighborhood in America." He told us that he still shoots around and gets to play ball every now and then but he says he retired. "I don't want to be an amateur with a pro injury, so I didn't wait for my knees or ankles to go. I stepped up to the podium, I retired, now I just watch everybody else get down."

What Would 18 Year Old Cube Think of All This Success?

"I still feel like 18 year old Ice Cube. I'm not that shocked about anything. I love that I can still be creative. That's what I love about all of this, being able to create music, movies, and now being creative in sports. It's all right up my alley. 18 year old me wouldn't be surprised. I'd be grateful that all these things were able to fall my way."

Not Cube's First Hall of Fame

"I got the trifecta man, I got the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and now we got an award in the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, so it's a pretty incredible day."

Advice For Young People

Before the end of his interview with Michael and Maddie, Ice Cube gave some invaluable advice to kids.  He shared his secret to success.  It's best heard and not read, so listen to the interview above.

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