On the court, he's an NBA superstar, while off the court, he's an inspiration to our youth.

Boston Celtics legend Jayson Tatum held a basketball clinic for kids on July 30, and one of the many aspiring athletes was 11-year-old Kyla Claro of Freetown.

Claro's love for basketball stems back to the second grade. These days she keeps busy with her travel league, the Bay State Elite, an all-girls youth club. In the summer, she runs the court with the Burgo Dartmouth league and is also on the Freetown-Lakeville Middle School team. Basketball is the only sport she plays, and it's for sure her favorite.

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On March 24, Claro's mom, Gina St. Aubin, surprised her with a birthday card. On the inside was everything this little girl could have dreamed of: a chance to not only meet her idol, Tatum, but also get the opportunity to play a pick-up game with him.

This was a VIP experience you couldn't put a price on.

"She's his number one fan," St. Aubin tells Fun 107. "I put a photo of him on the inside of her card and told her that she's going to meet him in person. She was so excited. At first, she thought she was just going to the camp, and when I told her she would play one-on-one with him, she freaked out."

Tatum held his camp at Mass Premier Courts in Foxboro where Claro finished off the day with a photo next to the NBA star and a memory she'll never forget.

"It was so much fun," she said. "I learned how to run different drills and dribble better. He taught me how to dribble the ball between my legs and better ball handling."

When the time came for Claro to face off against Tatum, she quickly scored on him and defeated him in a short game for a 4-2 victory.

"It was awesome," Claro said with a smile. "Tatum, If you're reading this, I want a rematch. I want to play again."

According to her mom, out of all the kids who got the chance to play a little ball with Tatum, with 10 players in each group, Claro was the only participant who took home the "W."

"It was fantastic to watch, a real proud Mom moment," St. Aubin said. "I would recommend this to anyone trying to improve their game or to just have a fun time overall. He (Tatum) gets into it, plays with the kids and even referees the games. It's better to make memories than simply buy my kids toys that just sit in the closet."

Not only did Claro learn from the professional shooting guard, but she can now bring home the bragging rights she so rightfully earned.

"I hope he keeps doing his camps because I love them," Claro said. "I had a really fun time."

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