You may recall last week when I found a Facebook group that will randomly gift wine to those who join it. They called themselves The Wine Fairies.

When I stumbled upon this, I was so excited. Who wouldn't want to be gifted some wine or, in times like these, send some wine to someone unexpectedly?  I was so excited to be accepted into the group.

As soon as I was, I jumped in and introduced myself. This group houses people from all over the country and I quickly realized I was in the minority. I was the only male!

I gave it a few days to see if there was anyone from the SouthCoast. There were a few, so I engaged in those that were local.

Then, all of a sudden. I get booted from the group.

I inboxed the admin and asked if I said something wrong. Her response was, "We don't allow guys in the group, sorry."

At first, I was taken aback. Then I thought about it. This group is dependent on people willing to share personal information. Their addresses even, so they can ship wine to those who aren't local. All it would take is for one "creeper" to ruin it.

I had to dig more so I asked the admin of the page if something had happened since I was added to the group, as they clearly could tell I was a male when they accepted my request to join.

She did share with me that there were some questionable comments made by men on the page and now truly I understand where she was coming from.

Now, however, I want to start my own group. I'd still call it The Wine Fairies and maybe only allow those living on the SouthCoast in it.  Who would want to join my wine gifting group?

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