It's not even October yet and I have already consumed an entire bag of Halloween candy. I want to half blame the stores for this nonsense.

If they hadn't been tempting me with Halloween candy for weeks already maybe I wouldn't have broken down and bought some already.

Can I blame the other half on my kids who wanted the candy too?

Basically, eating a whole bag of mini Reese's pumpkins is not my fault.

Kidding of course.

In all honesty I did not eat the whole bag myself. My daughter and husband each had some too.

But we did buy a whole "jumbo bag" with over a pound of tiny peanut butter filled pumpkins on September 24th and finished it by September 27th.

Probably not good, right?

I didn't even try to fool myself into thinking I was buying it for trick-or-treaters. I wholeheartedly embraced the fact that it was bought just for snacking.

Am I alone in needing to keep the candy out of my house until October 31st?

Because I seriously do not trust myself not to consume every bit of chocolate that enters my home before then.

And afterwards, forget about it. Discounted candy is the best, not to mention all the varieties of candy my daughter refuses to eat but gets while trick-or-treating.

Anything not chocolate is pretty much out for her as is anything with nuts.

It is a blessing and a curse that she is so particular about her chocolate.

She certainly didn't learn that from me.

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