He looks harmless in photos. John, that's my 22 month old. He has been the topic of many of my blogs. Here's another dedicated to my cutie pie.

So he is not two years old yet, but the terrible twos are starting already. We used to be able to take him out to restaurants and in public, but now, not so much. This weekend was a huge challenge. Being on vacation, we ate out a lot. His rambunctiousness and need to entertain the audience around him just made for an interesting situation. He yelled, he threw things, and by the end was covered in ketchup.

As I attempt to confine the disruption that my son causes, I am mortified. The worst, was probably when we were at The Von Trapp family lodge with a tour group and my son felt the need to out shine not only the tour guide, but the video of Maria Von Trapp herself. There was one woman in particular that I could tell was not amused in the slightest. She didn't hold back her dirty looks and evil stares.

I try to think back to my days as a bachelorette, sans child. Was I just as offended by the noise of other people's children. I bet I even said something like "I hate when people can't control their kids in public. They should just stay home." Well, you know what they say about Karma. And this is only the beginning.

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