The family decided to take on the project of putting together a playset over this beautiful weekend and here is how it went.

Like many of you, my family has been taking on some home projects. This was apparently on the "Honey Do" list.

The men in the family – excluding me, because I don't do construction – decided this past weekend was the right time to put together a playset for my little cousin, who (most of the time) is the happiest toddler you will ever meet.

He had been gifted a playset with one catch – we had to put it together. So the boys got to work on Saturday and spent most of the day scratching their heads. It's actually not as easy as it looks. Thankfully, it was an absolutely perfect weekend to be outside.

On Sunday, the boys were able to recruit our neighbor who happens to have lots of experience with construction to come in and help things move along a little quicker.

The playset was done by brunch on Sunday, so I'd say a total of 12 hours of work. Which isn't bad considering the directions said it would take anywhere from six to 24 hours to construct depending on experience level.

Unfortunately by the time the boys had finished constructing it our little guy was ready for a nap. We anticipate he will spend plenty of time on with his new playset.

Building a Playset

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