When most people drink tea, they throw away the tea bag right after using it.  But now there are 5 ways used tea bags can be beneficial for your everyday life.

Tea is known to be extremely healthy for us and now it's even down to the tea bag. Good Morning Center has found 5 different ways we can use tea bags in our every day lives that will help around the house.

The first hack is any scratches, bumps, redness, or insect bites can become less visible if you run the tea bag under cold water for a few seconds and leave it on the area for 15 minutes.

And I talked about this hack this morning on the show where I wore sneakers without socks and it smelled horrible after that. I put some used tea bags in the sneakers and left them in for a few minutes and it completely erased the smell!

You can also use tea bags as a degreaser!  If you soak the dishes in the sink overnight and put a few tea bags in there, the grease will come right off the next day.

Looking to keep gross smells out of your fridge?  Put some tea bags in a plastic container and put them in your refrigerator, it will absorb the smell and you won't have to keep on buying baking soda.

Lastly, if you have any pesky rodents or insects, you could put tea bags in a cabinet or any other area that might get infested and the smell will drive them away, especially peppermint tea bags.

So definitely keep those used tea bags everybody! They come in handle for many different situations and it's a much more natural way to help with daily household chores.

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