As much as I shouldn't give away a hometown local secret shortcut, I feel bad about all of my SouthCoast friends who have to commute onto the Cape every day.

I grew up very close to the Sagamore and Bourne Bridges. So as kids, my brothers and I knew our way around Bourne, Buzzards Bay, Wareham and Sandwich better than we knew Plymouth, the town we lived in. Our family spent more time between and over the bridges than in our own town because everything was closer to us.

Outside of leaving about an hour earlier than you normally do to make it to work on time on weekday mornings, you could take this shortcut.

You'll be on 25 East like usual, then take Exit 2 towards Wareham. Follow Cranberry Highway until you pass Water Wizz in Wareham. Take a left at the 7-Eleven onto Red Brook Road, which turns into Head of the Bay Road.

About two miles up, you'll take a left onto Bournedale Road, which is a very narrow and windy road. This will lead you to Bourne Scenic Highway, which runs along the canal from the Bourne to Sagamore Bridge.

Eventually, you will go over the Sagamore Bridge, which doesn't have any traffic or construction issues right now. Once over the Sagamore Bridge, take your first exit and follow down to the stop sign/set of lights passing the Market Basket plaza. Taking a left there puts you onto Sandwich Road, and will take you up to the Bourne Rotary.

waze driving
waze driving

It may seem like it's longer and you'll be adding roughly 10 miles to your ride, but it is the fastest way to get over the bridge and avoid the massive morning commute traffic jam from all of the Bourne Bridge construction that's going on through Memorial Day. Good luck! 🚗

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