I've been hearing a lot about something called the 'Blood Type Diet'. I decided to look into it, and what I learned was pretty interesting!

The Blood Type Diet was created by a naturopath named Peter J. D'Adamo. It suggests that eating based on the type of blood you have could help you lose weight, have more energy and digest food better. I realized that without even meaning to, I am already somewhat following the 'Blood Type Diet' for my blood type.

I was talking about food and diet with my Mom the other day and she was telling me how she always craves red meat. She said it was because of her blood type, which is 'O', that her body needs red meat, and she feels best when she has red meat in some form, every single day. I looked it up, and sure enough, people with the blood type O, do require a lot of lean red meat!

I personally don't eat red meat at all, and haven't in a few years, and thankfully my body doesn't crave it. I also have a different blood type than my Mother. I'm type A, so I checked out what a type A blood type person should be eating, and it turns out I should be eating a mostly vegetarian diet. I'm not a vegetarian, as I eat poultry and fish, but one day I'd like to be. I bet it would be very beneficial for my health, according to the blood type diet.

By the way, I read that (+) and (-) that may be associated with your blood type doesn't matter. It's just strictly A, B, AB, or O that we all need to focus on.

Here's the complete breakdown of what you should be eating, based on your blood type:

Type A blood: Someone with Type A blood should have a meat-free diet, and eat mostly fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains...ideally, organic because people with type A blood are known to have a sensitive immune system.

Type B blood: Someone with Type B blood should be having eggs, green veggies and low-fat dairy. What you want to avoid is corn, wheat, tomatoes, chicken and peanuts.

Type AB blood: If your blood type is AB, you might not like this, but one food you should be consuming a lot of is tofu. AB blood types also do well with seafood, dairy and green veggies. Some food to avoid if you're type AB, caffeine, alcohol and smoked meat.

Type O blood: For type O blood, plenty of lean red meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables. Cut back on grains and dairy.

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