When today's forecast was for sunshine and 78 degrees, I knew that there could be a serious case of beach-itis spreading across the Southcoast.  We decided to perform the public service of having listeners call in and give their best "fake" sick call.  We'd grade the listeners and offer tips on how to sounds more real.  All you have to do is tap into your inner actor and BELIEVE your lie is true...really GET THERE and feel the sickness temporarily infecting your body...until the phone call is over.

Before we took calls, though, we each gave our best Academy Award winning performances for calling in sick on a sunny day.  We wanted to see how convincing Gazelle, Abby, and my fake phone calls are so we put it to the test. We all took turns going out into the hall and calling into the station to see who was the best at being sick.  Watch our video below and vote.  Which one of us had the most believable call while calling in "sick".

Additional Reporting and Video by Michael DeSouza



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