Not everyone is naturally a morning person, but there are ways to transform yourself that will make you love the sunrise and the smell of breakfast.

When I was a student at Syracuse University, I had an internship with a morning duo called "Big Mike and Gomez".  They were the stars at Y94FM...the biggest radio station in Syracuse, New York.  One morning, I asked Big Mike when I'd start getting used to waking up before the crack of dawn.  I'll never forget his answer.

The crusty, old morning guy looked over the brightly lit control board, pushed up his glasses to his nose and said, "Michael, I've been doing mornings for TWENTY FIVE YEARS...and I've been tired for TWENTY FIVE YEARS."

The words stuck with me.  What had I done?  Had I chosen a career path that would keep me sleepy and cranky for the rest of my life?  The answer was no.  There are ways to become a morning person.

According to The Huffington Post there are many ways to make the change from night owl to morning bird.

  1. Stop hitting the snooze button. It may make you think you are getting more sleep but really you are messing up your sleep cycle which will make you feel groggy all day.
  2. Set up a routine, both in the morning and before you go to bed,. In the morning, your body will be used to waking up and going though your routine to get the day started. At night, your body will realize it is time to sleep.
  3. Being active in the morning is another way to become a morning person. It makes you inclined to be more active throughout the day and it will get your blood flowing to increase your morning activity.
  4. Having no screens in the bedroom is something not many people can accomplish, but it will really help you become a morning person. Having a TV in the bedroom creates a temptation to stay up rather than go to bed when you get tired, which is the best thing to do.
  5. Drinking water before you go to bed will help you wake up happy and ready to start the day. If you wake up dehydrated you feel sluggish and don't have motivation to get up.
  6. Have something to look forward to when you wake up. If you think positive about the day when waking up and turning off your alarm it will give you motivation to start your morning. Another thing that will help this is have something planned so you really have no choice but to wake up.

We know that not everyone can become a morning person but if you are looking to or are being forced to wake up with the world try these things to have a great morning.

Additional Reporting by Kiah Heron