Ladies, you might not think of it often, but makeup does come with an expiration.

Yahoo! Shine has all the dirt on when to keep it and when to toss it...some products last longer than others, a lot longer, while others expire only months after buying them!

Here's the rundown on when to toss and when to keep makeup:

Blush: Well, depends on which kind you have. If you use cream blush, you should throw it away after 6 months, for powder blush, you have up to a year to use it up.

Eyeshadow: Please, for the love of Pete, do not share your eyeshadow with anyone else! Eye infections are super contagious and you just do not want to go there. Toss it after 6 months, plus, look on the bright side, you may even be sick of the color after 6 months anyway!

Eyeliner: Depends. If you are using the ones you can sharpen, it's ok to use until it's down to nothing, because you are constantly sharpening away any part of the pencil that could be contaminated with germs. However, if you are using a cream liner, liquid liner, or a self-sharpening liner...well, sorry to tell you, but 3 months is your limit on those babies.

Mascara: Only 3 months! You don't wanna risk it with something that gets as close to your eyes as mascara. If you use a contaminated mascara, there's a 60% chance you could end up with an eye infection. Ain't nobody got time for that! So unfortunately, you do have to toss that mascara after only 3 months.

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