It was National Avocado Day today, but one way of celebrating isn't possible on the SouthCoast.

We have apple picking, berry picking, pumpkin picking and more, but nowhere on the SouthCoast can you pick-your-own avocados.

The idea of walking through an avocado orchard and hand-picking the best ones sounds so nice. But it just isn't something we can experience on the East Coast.

I searched as best I could to find somewhere even semi-local to pick my own avocados for National Avocado Day (or any day honestly), but all I seemed to find were California farms where such things existed.

I'm sure growing avocados in New England isn't easy (if even possible) and farming them probably means selling every one you can to make money. So letting people wander through your orchard and pick as they please probably isn't very profitable.

Still, it would be delightful if it existed around here.

I mean, the avocados at the supermarkets are pretty much hit or miss. Most times you get one that looks like you better eat it that day or else.

Freshly-picked avocados that could last a little while would be amazing–so I guess I better start planning my California vacation.

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