Just because you're a busy parent, doesn't mean you can't capture your child's precious moments every day...thanks to a new message service.

Being a new parent, I always feel like there just aren't enough hours in the day to do everything I want with my baby. And when you're working it can often feel like you're missing out on special moments.

That's why parents like Stephanie and Jeff McNeil came up with their baby journal messaging service, Qeepsake.

Qeepsake is officially launching in March (according to the message I got when I signed up) and it will allow parents to start an online journal for their little ones with just a text message a day.

The plan for their service is to send out thought-provoking questions every day to parents who have signed up.

Your text response to the question is then added as an entry in your child's online journal where there's also pictures, quotes and more. The entire journal can then be reminisced over online or printed out as a Qeepsake book.

Let's be honest, journaling every moment of your son or daughter's life isn't as easy as you think it will be. And your best intentions can sometimes fall short. This text-based service is perfect for keeping your baby book plans on track. You probably responded to dozens of text messages a day, what's one more (especially when it's about your kid!)?

Again Qeepsake isn't quite ready to roll yet. I signed up at the site only to find out the launch is expected for March 2016. But you can head there to sign up for an email that will remind you to get Qeepsake when it is ready to go...cause after all, we're busy parents right?