The highly anticipated movie 'American Sniper' opened up in theaters this past weekend, making a record-breaking 90.2 million dollars.

Bradley Cooper stars in the movie as the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. For the role, he worked with a voice coach and spent hours watching footage of Kyle, just to make sure he perfected the part. He also needed to put on 40 pounds for the role, which contrary to what you might think, was not an easy feat.

Cooper had to consume 4 times the amount of calories that a normal person would eat...bringing him to about 8,000 calories a day. He also worked with a trainer to make sure he was in the exact shape he needed to be in for the movie role. He trained for 4 hours a day for several months and was eating about once an hour.

He also stressed that he wanted to train and put the weight on naturally, without the use of any steroids or hormones and for that, I give him a lot of credit.

At first, I thought eating 8,000 calories would be awesome! Then I realized that I would never be able to eat that much food in one day! Plus, working out for 4 hours a day...that's A LOT!

I love that he took the role so seriously, that he was determined to do it all the right way. Way to go Bradley!

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