Fun 107 joins SouthCoast Health in recognizing our local outstanding nurses in the area. As part of National Nurses Week, we'll join SouthCoast Health in shining the spotlight on some of the truly outstanding nurses.

SouthCoast Health has awarded $10,000 in academic nursing scholarships at Tobey Hospital.

The scholarships were awarded to the following:

  • Stephanie Berry
  • Deanne Murray
  • Jodie Plouffe
  • Susan Morelli
  • Maria Rocha
  • Deb Toffey

The Spirit of Nursing Award goes to an outstanding nurse who demonstrates excellence in clinical skills, customer service, outstanding commitment to patients and families, acts as a professional role model for other nurses, and is an exceptional colleague, demonstrating collaboration and team work with a positive attitude.

A brief description spotlighting an individual who shines bright for this award states the following:

Nursing is a second career for this award winner.   Driven to become an OR nurse, this individual took a perioperative nursing course at a local college to add to her skill-set.  Since then, she has hit the ground running.   This individual is conscientious and focuses on keeping patient safety a priority.  Although patient contact is minimal in the OR, this nominee always shares a smile, is a source of comfort during a stressful situation and an advocate for patient safety.   Recently this winner became involved with establishing our unit based practice council.  She is committed to making the department a better place not only for patients but for coworkers. Not only is this winner an exceptional OR nurse, she impacts lives outside of SC through medical mission work in Uganda where she teaches women's health.

 Please join us in congratulating Susan Morelli from the Tobey Hospital OR Department.

Photo Courtesy of SouthCoast Health

The Eagle Leadership Award goes to someone who sets high standards, mentors those who follow, creates and shares a vision, makes hard choices when necessary, and is visible and out front.  This year’s winner, according to SouthCoast's ACNO, is an employee who was not only a nurse, but a strong leader who is well respected throughout SouthCoast.  

She is an advocate for both patients and staff, promoting evidenced based practices and encouraging nurses to speak up when things don’t seem right. She role models servant leadership, sharing power through an effective unit based practice model started a few years ago, and by developing a highly effective and collaborative team.  Unit turnover is low and staff engagement is high.

Congratulations to the Tobey's Eagle Leadership Award winner, Deb Toffey, FCU.

Photo Courtesy of SouthCoast Health


The New To Practice Award is a "rookie of the year" type award.  It goes to a new to practice clinical nurse with less than one year of experience.  The nurse will have a positive attitude, a passion for customer service, and outstanding commitment for continual learning and growth.  This new to Practice nurse always greets patients with a warm welcome and saying I will be taking care of you today. You can see the pleasant reaction from our patients, their anxiety disappearing, knowing they will receive great care. Southcoast's patient satisfaction surveys often mention this particular nurse’s name and the awesome care they received from her. Here's proof of these qualifications:

I had the pleasure of precepting this individual on nights when they started at TOH.  Everyone had doubts about the ability for a new to practice RN to be successful in a highly specialized area. Our doubts were overturned. This individual learned quickly and progressed well during orientation. She is very thorough with patient care and documentation. Always willing to help co-workers, asks appropriate questions and if she needs help, she always asks.

Congratulations to Maria Rocha, Tobey Hospital RN.

Photo Courtesy of SouthCoast Health


This award goes out in honor of Dr. John D. Scheub for this years scholarship recipient. The Medical Staff Services made a generous donation to support Nursing SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS at SouthCoast Health. RNs pursuing advanced degrees or SouthCoast employees pursuing a career in nursing are eligible for these awards. This year’s Tobey Hospital nursing scholarship award is in recognition of Dr. John Scheub where the recipient is currently an FCU RN who is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Nursing degree from the University of Rhode Island:

Congratulations to Stephanie Berry.

The Medical Staff Award recognizes a colleague who exemplifies exceptional teamwork, partnership, and collaboration with nursing and other members of the patient care team.

The nomination reads:

We feel this provider’s team work is amazing! She consistently takes the time to teach both staff and patients/families, to listen to the patient’s concerns, encourage patient participation in their recovery and ensure that the entire care team including patients, families, and staff understand the plan for the stay. This provider often circles back to check on patient progress and answer any staff questions prior to leaving for the day. She is a team player, rolling up her sleeves to help at any moment. We feel that this provider embodies SouthCoast’s service behaviors and is truly deserving of this award.

Congratulations to Jodie Plouffe, Tobey Hospital PA.

Photo Courtesy of SouthCoast Health


Finally, during National Nurses Week, SouthCoast also acknowledges an outstanding Support Service Member. This award has been developed to recognize the valuable role of a Support Staff Member who has exhibited a commitment to quality service.  This individual always welcomes new patients and families upon arrival to the unit.  This support service member has given many years of dedication and service to Tobey as a CNA and gives 100% every shift.

The nomination reads:

I have been an RT going on 34 years and before that a C.N.A. myself.  I have worked in hospitals in several states and never have I know an aide who is so gentle and compassionate with patients, especially the elderly.  This individual makes me smile.  Team members are happy to see this CNA working and patients and families adore her.  No matter how busy, this CNA never hesitates to help someone in need with a smile.  Healthcare would be much better if we could clone this team member and assign one to every unit at every hospital.  In the first few months of working with this individual, I gave her the nickname “All State,” because you’re in good hands with this CNA and award winner.

Congratulations to Deanne Murray.