As part of our Southcoast Health Community Spotlight in partnership with Southcoast Health, we are excited to shine the spotlight on the non-profit organization Community Counseling of Bristol County (CCBC) this week.

CCBC is a mental health organization that works with people in the community who are unhoused, are facing serious mental health issues, substance use issues, and the various hardships of daily life.

With the many mental health issues that target the Southcoast community it can be hard for the CCBC organization to tackle the biggest issue across the country which is the housing crisis.

"We are certainly challenged. Dealing with folks that are unhoused right now is tough. It's always been difficult. But the housing crisis, the lack of housing throughout the Southcoast it's been challenging," said CCBC program director Angela Clark.

A large part of the CCBC organization is eliminating the barriers that come with the housing crisis.  Their mission is to create the opportunity to build more housing from low income to affordable market rate units.

CCBC strives to provide the best counseling services and connect patients with the best prescribers to help with medication needs.

For CCBC it's all about being easily accessible and reaching the entire SouthCoast community.

"Most people at some point in their life need to speak with a therapist. It's not that uncommon. So any struggles, it doesn't have to be something extreme, but any struggles of depression, you're feeling down, you're having a little trouble, we can help you. If there been crisis in your life, reach out to us. We're here to help," said Clark.

A successful mental health journey can start with a walk-in visit to CCBC's Taunton office at 1 Washington Street or you can call at 508-828-9116. You can also find them online at





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