Meet Margie. She's a pretty little house plant I've had for nearly a year and when she's happy, you can really tell. However, these days more than ever, her happy days seems to be pretty rare. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Margie is difficult.

Just last week, some of Margie's lower leaves turned yellow overnight and shriveled up. I read online about what could be causing her unhappiness, but the results ranged from overwatering to underwatering and frankly, were very confusing. I've tried giving her more water. I've tried giving her less. I've even tried putting her in a sunnier location, but it wasn't super warm, so she liked that even less. The only time she has really thrived was last summer when I set her outside on my balcony to soak up the sun, but unfortunately, it's still a little too chilly for that here on the SouthCoast.

Last night, I noticed another one of her leaves turning yellow and I'm getting desperate.

Kari / Townsquare Media
Kari / Townsquare Media

Do you love gardening? Do you consider yourself a house plant expert? Please send help! What would you suggest I do to get Margie on the mend and back to living her best life?

Shoot me a message inside the FUN107 app with your recommendations and keep your fingers crossed that we can get Margie back on the up and up!

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