Consider this my formal acknowledgement: I have a plant obsession. While some people may think that having plants, real or faux, in every room of the house is a bit much, I disagree. For me, pops of greenery give a sense of homey-ness that's simply unmatched by any other kind of décor. And because I haven't really found my niche when it comes to hobbies as an adult, taking care of my plants fills in that gap for me.

Like it or not, winter is coming and thanks to the inevitable New England snow, you might not be able to get out in your garden as much as you'd like. Buy yourself a couple house plants, bring your garden inside, and see what all the fuss is about – You might even find out how much you love it!

Everywhere I go, I'm always searching for new places to buy plants. I love supporting local shops, and they always seem to have the best quality plants and the cutest pots.

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When I moved to Massachusetts, I knew I had to find a new spot to get my plant fix. I was actually scrolling through TikTok one day when I came across a video someone had taken at a plant shop called Seed to Stem in Worcester. The place was covered floor to ceiling with all sorts of plants, and they had plenty of wood and bone accents (and string lights). It was like seeing my most magical plant fantasies come to life right on my screen. I knew I had to make the trip out, and once I did, I was hooked.

Now, listen, I get it. Worcester's far, but when I tell you I was shook by how cool this place is, I mean it. I made the trip up to check out the shop, and ended up coming home with some beautiful new plant babies.

Calling All Plant Lovers: Enchanting Worcester Shop Is Worth the Trip

Take a peek inside one of New England's coolest plant shops. Seed to Stem in Worcester is covered from front to back, from floor to ceiling, in beautiful greenery, and also offers a wide variety of other neat items for sale. A visit to Seed to Stem is a whole experience, and one that every New England plant mom or dad should have at least once in their life.

Welcome to the Jungle: Meet Kari's House Plants

I may not have any kids or even any pets, so my plants are my babies. I'm certainly learning as I go, and as you'll see, some of them struggle from time to time, but with my boyfriend's blessing, I'm slowly turning our apartment into a green oasis. Keep in mind that I only name the real guys and gals that you're about to meet, but that I also have a handful of fake plants scattered around our apartment to liven up the place.

This Magical Vermont Property Is Straight Out of a Cozy Boho Dream

This Vermont home's aesthetic is nothing short of perfect. From wood, wicker and rattan touches to an abundance of house plants, it's like my dream home came to life. This magical home located on just over an acre of land in Stowe is currently on the market, but it might be gone soon, especially given its recent viral publicity on TikTok. Take a peek inside and let us know which room is your favorite – It's truly hard to pick just one!

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