A new beacon of greenery is set to emerge in New Bedford.

Karisa Gonsalves is about to unveil her lifelong dream. Soil and Sun will be a small slice of heaven for plant enthusiasts.

The business at 381 Rockdale Ave. (in the space once occupied by a nutritional smoothie and shake shop) promises to be a paradise for those who share Gonsalves' passion for plants.

The opening is tentatively scheduled for early March.

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Before Soil and Sun, Gonsalves was a mobile retailer with a charming plant trailer. She also sells her plants out of Mimi's Kitchen in New Bedford for anyone looking to take home a plant with their leftovers. Even with the new physical location, her commitment to Mimi's will remain, ensuring that plant enthusiasts have multiple places to indulge.

Soil and Sun will cater primarily to indoor plant aficionados, offering an extensive selection of plants, pots and accessories. From elegant succulents to lush ferns, customers will find an array of botanical delights to adorn their living spaces. Moreover, the shop will feature accessories such as moisture meters and moss poles, ensuring that customers have everything they need to nurture their leafy companions. She'll also sell potting soil.

Recognizing the challenges faced by beginners, she is dedicated to providing guidance and support to those starting their plant journeys. Whether it's selecting the right plant for a particular environment or mastering the art of repotting, Gonsalves thrives.

One distinctive feature of Soil and Sun is  Gonsalves' commitment to repotting services. Customers can bring in their growing plants and she will expertly transfer them into larger vessels for optimal health.

Gonsalves' love for plants is deeply rooted in her family history.

Inspired by her mother and grandmother, who shared her passion for horticulture, Her love for plants blossomed at an early age. Her business journey began just before the Covid-19 pandemic when she started propagating plants. The demand for her "spider babies" (the offspring of her propagated plants) inspired her enough to pursue her dream of owning a plant shop.

At Soil and Sun, customers can find an eclectic selection of plants, including rare and hard-to-find specimens such as the popular Pink Princess and Monstera Thai Constellation plants. Bonsai trees, both small and large, will also be available.

Gonsalves said she will continue to operate her plant trailer for select pop-up events.

She plans to celebrate the new start with an event in early March.

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