I'm pretty sure I've watched everything I needed to on Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Prime Video, and the list goes on. But maybe I haven't seen everything?

I just finished binge-watching House of Cards and am at a complete loss for TV shows as I anxiously wait for Game of Thrones to return on April 14. I've tried to watch Russian Doll, You, Suits and Shameless. But I haven't fallen in love with any of these shows.

Netflix's "House Of Cards" For Your Consideration Q&A
Jesse Grant

With the number of networks and streaming services today, there's got to be another TV series I can get into? I've thought about it and even when GoT starts in a few weeks, I'm still going to need a "side" show to keep me busy while I wait the week in between GoT episodes (rolling my eyes). 🙄

If you've got a show, movie or series you wouldn't mind sharing in the comments on this Facebook post, I would greatly appreciate it!

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