I stopped at Market Basket on my way home to pick up a couple of things, and as I put some milk into the shopping cart I heard a woman's voice saying "So what happened to you on Saturday?"

She was looking at me, I did not recognize her so I asked her what she meant. Again she said "Where were you on Saturday, I can't believe you weren't there." I began to get a bad feeling that I had missed an event that I had committed to, or missed an appointment I had forgotten about. It was not a good feeling. So I asked "I'm really not sure what I missed." She looked angry, but as she moved closer the look changed to a puzzled one. She then stopped and said "Oh, you must be Donald's brother, I thought you were Donald."

I told her that I do not have a brother named Donald, and that I am not sure I even know a "Donald." The woman stood there for a few seconds and then said sharply "Well I'm sorry," and walked away. I was hoping to ask which activity or event I missed on Saturday, but did not get the chance. I wasn't about to go chasing her through the grocery store. I just wouldn't be the right thing to do.

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