"Valentine's Day," they call it, but I have to disagree. Today is an attack on the single people! It's Single Awareness Day!

Admittedly, I'm not one of the single people today, but trust me when I tell you I've spent my fair share of VDay's on my couch with just me, my dog and a bottle of tequila. It's that one day of the year when if you're single every relationship you know of punches you right in the teeth as a reminder that you're alone. February 14th is a horrid day.

Taylor Lautner

Your Facebook timeline is abducted by bogus, forced, over-the-top posts about how wonderful everyone's relationship is. Even the couples that actually hate each other, suddenly find a way to look like a poster for a Nicholas Sparks' movie on Instagram.

You can't go to a restaurant because they're booked up and packed in until midnight. You can't go to a movie because they're all sold out. It's like every relationship on the earth has decided to keep all the single people locked in their homes to scroll their timelines and be taunted by what they don't have. It's ridiculous!

Even as someone in a relationship, my girlfriend and I don't understand why on this one random day in February we have to somehow love each other more. Just because theres pink and red as far as the eye can see!? If you're in a relationship shouldn't you love each other all the time anyway! I don't care what anyone says! It's a day made-up holiday so Hallmark can line their pockets with cash and so couples can think they're better than the singles because they have someone. It's just an attack on the single community!


Here's what to do if you're single today. WHAT. EVER. YOU. WANT. Celebrate yourself. You're not single on Valentine's Day because you weren't "good enough" to have someone. You're single because no one has been good enough for YOU.

Get yourself something. Treat yourself to dinner with another single friend and people watch (the great American pastime). Go do something you haven't done before. Book a trip for yourself. If it's a holiday all about love, doesn't self-love count!?

Don't be bummed if you're alone today. Celebrate how freakin' awesome you are! Then when someone does finally earn the right to be with you, make sure they remind you every day, not just on February 14th.


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