Friends list getting a little too long? Seize the day and cut out some of those disposable friends on social media.

Thanks to Jimmy Kimmel starting the joke holiday a few years back, National Unfriend Day has become an actual thing for Facebook users.

If you ever think, "Man, I really don't even like this person," then I guess it's ok to put that Facebook acquaintance on the chopping block today.

Facebook allows you to 'unfollow' a friend, keeping them on your list but clearing your newsfeed of anything they post, and usually that's the route I take.  I gotta be honest, I rarely ever 'unfriend' anyone.  It's way easier and causes far less drama to just 'unfollow' someone.  Who knows, maybe that'll change today.

Jimmy Kimmel even made a National Unfriend Day song for the special event. Check it out in the link below: